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Our sponsored Race truck….

Our nephew, Alex Fickel decided he loved racing, so he asked us to sponsor him.  We did, and this is what his truck looks like….

Alex's truck

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Is it May already????

Truly amazes me how much time flies.  Scott and I have been busy, with work, with play, and with family.  We continue to thank God for all of our good friends, business associates and family who continue to support us in this journey we are on.

It’s hard to believe that we have been in business 3 1/2 years already.  With each month coming upon us faster then the other, we truly are grateful for the customers who continue to spread our name to others. 

So thank you…and we pray for your success and a very safe spring and summer.

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Our Caps are in!!!!!

Go Check out our merchandise page… many people have asked us for caps and stuff with our logo on it….wellllll…THERRRE HEEEEERRRRREEE!!!!  We will be posting shirts soon….. 

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Northwoods Computer Guy

Okay, so for a little over a year and a half, I had this icky web site that I did myself, and being the illiterate one when it comes to sites, it was not what I wanted it to be.  Sooooo, I met and became friends with Scott, Northwoods Computer Guy, who has been a complete savoir to our business.  Scott agreed to work on the site, and what he did was actually destroy it, then build it back from scratch.  Right now….it looks 100 times better then it did before, and, AND, I can add and delete things so much easier.  Thank You Scott for keeping my sanity intact!!!! 

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Our new and improved website…

Pardon our dust as we continue to get this site up and running to the maximum capacity of greatness…..

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